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Chieti (Chieti)
Produzione  Premiscelati Premixed Production Plant Late in vendita - foto 1
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Produzione Premiscelati Premixed Production Plant Late

Premixed Production Plant (Dry Mortara) Late 80s We follow the quantification of the complete plant of disused activity and no longer in use for 1 years, technical / commercial list: N° 1 Raw Material Balance of Kg. 3000 complete with tank and cap, controlled by a computer for 9 Silos (silos will not be supplied) and 99 Formulas; N° 2 Mixers of 4000 liters each driven with gearmotor; N° 1 Metal structure of two mixers according to safety standards; N° 1 Vertical Elevator that feeds the two mixers; N° 2 Storage containers for processed materials under the mixers; N° 2 augers transporting processed material up to the bagging load; N° 2 Electrical control panels for equipment; Bagging system: Bagging line performed with: Automatic weighing and bagging station Pagliarani with bagging machine TP 35 with automatic bag feeder for 300/350 S / h with material of specific weight of Kg.1300 / mc. And grain size not exceeding 1.2 mm.; Palletizing plant Palletizing takes place with a palletizer of the OCME Company with top loading with a capacity of 800/1000 bags/h: Additives Dosing Station The systems were made with scales and programming of the Bilanciai of Campogalliano, the scales are calibrated for tenths of grams can simultaneously extract 9 products for 999 recipes, the carp-terie and mechanics were made by local workshops; 1. Assignment of 5 formulas for mortars, plasters and adhesives for tiles according to our. Sands 2. transfer of the plant scheme, and available user manuals of the various machines 3. Plant function test, after electric diesel generator, and production imprinting, NB: the plant was built prior to the CE marking, and is sold in the state in which it is "as seen and liked"; and that before commissioning the buyer undertakes to obtain the use and maintenance manuals, and the appropriate certification " It will be the buyer's responsibility for dismantling, safety, and transport, it is sold at the price of € 245,000 ex works


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    Italia, Chieti - Chieti
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