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Leather Scraps for African markets  in vendita - foto 1
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Leather Scraps for African markets

Our scraps leather Mix is now available at all our warehouse in Italy the big bags consists of mixed scraps leather namely, large surface measure in a variety of colors and thickness, really great for producing sandals and flip-flops, you can find 200 and 250 kilos scraps in the big bags making it quite a bargain when you’re reselling. Leather from scraps production large international fashion brands. We sell only do we have the cowhide full grain, we do not sell printed leather and above! We do not sell leather scraps for furniture or cars leather has a thick polyurethane protective coating! Leather Remnants and Scraps leather Thickness 1.2/1.5 variable Colors Miscellaneous Size Medium Pieces 30x30 Big Bags 110x110x70 (approx.) kg 200/250 Container 10" Max Kg. 10.000 Container 20" Max Kg. 18.000 Price EURO/kg 2,00 EXW PISA - ITALIA The price is NOT negotiable. Country production ITALY In stock for immediate delivery Capacity 10.000 kg/month ! (Number one in the world) Invoice YES Payment Swift in advance, we do not accept other conditions. The seller or exporter, makes the goods available to the buyer, or importer at the seller's premises. The buyer is responsible for all transportation costs, duties, and insurance, and accepts risk of loss of goods immediately after the goods are purchased and placed outside the factory door. We are an Italian company specialize in business the Middle East is in the continents of Asia and Africa, we offer vast large amounts of used shoe sewing machine, scraps leather hand goods for African markets and we can help you for the shipping directly to your destination


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